A Festival Outfit Which Doesn't Involve Denim // Boob Job Chat

Saturday, August 13
Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE denim shorts. In fact, I can probably, shamefully admit, I've spent ninety percent of my summer sporting those little, turned up or frayed hem babes in every colour I own. Rain or shine. But that doesn't stop me from thinking there has to be more to festival fashion. 

I mean, we've seen Coachella ... so why, still, does the attire always, automatically bee-line straight for the same outfit staple when it comes to dressing for the occasion? I guess I just answered my own question. Staple. Trusty and reliable, with a fit for every person. But this is fashion and I like change (to some, mildly detectable, minuscule extent ;)).

Plus, this maxi dress and maxi PJ shirt (thank you, Zara) were just begging to be paired together ...

*note: fresh or faux flowers will never not be festival perfection, I'm sorry.

This post probably couldn't have come at a better time. Aside from probably two months earlier (when these pictures were actually taken) and when festival season wasn't practically over but let's ignore my lack of motivation and organisation and "just like, chill for a sec". What I was actually referring to, was this post being a time of celebration. My first no-bra-wearing post and quite honestly, I feel okay about it!

My good friend, Sinead, recently wrote a post about why she loves her small boobs. Please read here and enjoy as much as I did. And although I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact I'm now twenty two and these chums still ain't growin', despite what they try to convince you, when you're so 'cliche' for stating you want a boob job, even though it's a rather sensitive, self-deprecating subject (rant over. Touched a nerve, excuse me), I'm still pretty hell-bent on getting them done. 

"But big boobs will make you look bigger"

But why does a boob job have to mean double D? Last time I checked, a breast reduction still came under the same umbrella as 'boob job' and that's not even the half of it.

Yeah, I know, I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that this is what I was given, but I don't love them. I want to love them. I'm working on loving myself and I've tried, but this is me. And this is how I feel. And I want more boobage. Just a lil' bit.

Tad deep for a festival 'fit, don't you think?

I guess I just wanted to address the whole no bra thing before someone else did. 

Anyone else feel like singing India.Arie - Video Girl and going round to hug everyone and tell them they're beautiful? It's that or go to bed (currently writing this at 1am). Judging by my current lethargy, I think I'll choose the latter ... oops!

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

c/o Superdry dress
Zara shirt
c/o Ultimate collections sunglasses
c/o Mobs & Monsters crescent necklace and choker


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