Friendships in Blogging // The Links of London Friendship Bracelet

Tuesday, August 23
No connection, however strong, can ever truly be materialised, but there's a sense of satisfaction, security and solidarity which come from preserving a bond within something beautiful. Something physical and precious to cherish forever. Something tangible. Cue the friendship bracelet...

I couldn't think of a more perfect way to share this iconic Links of London piece, on my own blog, than to combine the two and talk about those friendships which are perhaps a little less conventional; extremely millennial, yet still, equally as fulfilling as those which take the more traditional route: friendships formed through blogging. 

Or just the internet, for that matter. You know, that big, ol' scary place the adults warned us about?

It's no secret that blogging opens the world to a whole host of wonderful, sometimes life-changing opportunities that to many, may have never previously been achievable. But through this, we rarely hear about the blossoming friendships or camaraderie which flourish along the way. 

From what I've known, the blogging community is a tight-knit circle, whether you've met the person, chatted cyber-ly or have never even exchanged a word - we all, secretly and usually openly (yes, we tend to be a somewhat vocal bunch), have each other's backs. It's like a digital cult but in all the good ways. We all want each other to succeed. 

Of course there are exceptions, but in a world where 'digital' and 'online' roles are still frowned upon or trivialised, we gotta look to each other for support and reassurance. We are no less accomplished than any other career path. 

It's from this that I want to talk about the connections I've made and those which my Links of London friendship bracelet will constantly remind me of. Those which may well have never come to fruition if I hadn't begun my blog...

We may have only met once, but we talk almost everyday. A fellow Cancerian, who has not only proved my love for, and beliefs in, astrology but restored my faith, trust and longing for loyalty in humans. I told her more about myself in one day, than I've told many who have surrounded me for years of my life, and I know I can turn to her in any predicament. Never mind the fits of laughter. 

...all of this, coming from a closed book. As told, begrudgingly, my many a bemused face sat before me

Remember that girl I mentioned a few posts back whom, at one point didn't properly leave the house for months because of depression and anxiety? The girl who turned down any opportunity that slightly resembled an event, for fear of, well... everything? Without Sinead, I would still be that girl. I have her to thank for the constant reassurance and for being by my side, even when not by my side; I have her to thank for inviting me along to my first event which, whilst terrifying, was a pinnacle moment in my life. And guess what? I had fun! (Currently picturing my mum commenting on my use of 'her': "Who's she, the cat's mother?" ... Sorry, Neady!)

The most hilarious, little bean I ever did meet and a truth-talking girl after my own heart. You know those people who make you feel calm and safe in every situation? Okay, we've only met twice but I'm simply foreseeing the future. Resident agony aunt and chief business brain when it comes to behind-the-scenes of blogging. (Although I did once have to tell her she was underselling herself because she's really, really great)

My group chat girls. We share voice notes, rants, mini (and essay) anecdotes about our daily endeavours and of course run 'internet' things past each other, before we post them. Because we get it. I've yet to meet Holly and Robyn but I actually tend to forget this myself because it feels so natural to me, to chat to them all the time. We're always in conversation and I can rely on them all to keep me entertained, encouraged and boredom-free, during any hour of the day.

I may annoy talk to these girls a little less but that, by no means, makes them any less special. Anyone who can make socially-awkward-so-talks-a-lot-to-make-up-for-it me, feel as comfortable as ever, with not a single ounce of awkwardness, is somebody I want around. And a special shout out to those who are always supportive and take the time to tell you you're doing alright. They are the connections you need to keep. (This applies to all of the lovely humans above)

The Links of London bracelets are something to treasure and from now on, mine will forever hold memories of all the beautiful and unlikely alliances that this tiny corner of the web has allowed me to form. 

So for that, I thank you, internet.

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