*Those* Gucci Princetown Dupes

Tuesday, August 30
I'm gunna admit, I'm not usually one for exact dupes and would much rather purchase a high street, designer equivalent, which has been inspired by, and shares similar characteristics to it's heftier price-tagged opposition, rather than replicated it within an inch of its life.

But things change, people change, feelings change too (as PARTYNEXTDOOR once said) and although I'm not quite there yet on the bag front, recently, I've opened my mind to a whole, new world of shoesie look-a-likes because, quite frankly, everyday designer is just not always feasible ... nor is it necessary.

Yes, tell that to the girl who just bought herself a Celine bag. (It was from Vestiaire, so that means it doesn't count, right?)

Meet the best friends you never knew you had but always knew you wanted. My beloved Gucci Princetown dupes from Zaful ...

If you're not aware of Zaful, they're essentially an online haven for all things designer and high street inspired, for a crazy fraction of the price. 

*Advanced warning* - be sure to have more than a couple of hours spare when approaching the site. Especially if you're as indecisive as I am. Choice is at a maximum. And ain't nobody not got time for that.

The shoe FAQs

How much are they?
$50.99, which works out at under £40

Are they comfortable?
They have a frickin' CUSHION under the heel, and I only began to notice their existence, towards the end of the day, where laid the remains of a previously born blister on my baby toe, caused by my lovely converse. In other words, yes. And I want to wear them forever.

Do they stay on your foot?
Like the Princetowns themselves, they have substantial length towards the front (no innuendos intended), and as long as you can avoid clumsy, non-spatially aware beings stepping on the backs of them, you'll have no trouble. Even legging it around tube stations and the streets of London!

What's the sizing like?
This being my second pair of shoes from Zaful, I knew to size up. I'm a small 5 and a 6 (39) in these fits me absolutely perfectly. Bad news for a lot of you as I'm afraid to say that's the largest they go up to. I'm a terrible person, so feel free to wrist-slap me. On the other hand, you could always opt for these...

Sometimes all you need are great basics, paired with classic accessories and I'd like to say that's the essence of my style. It's the least fussy outfits that I always turn out to love most, during shoot post-processing. 

Never mind the fact that this was shot in the middle of hurricane Sally (not a real hurricane). If only you saw the outtakes ...

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

c/o Romwe shirt
c/o Dizen jeans
Asos belt
Celine trio bag
c/o Zaful loafers


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