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Pastel Colours And A Post From The Heart

For the last 4 days now, I have been crying consistently, sometimes hysterically and I couldn't even tell you exactly why. For the last 9 days I have been tired, all day, everyday, even when exulting zero physical energy and even on top of 10 hours plus sleep. I've woken up tired, I've gone to sleep tired, my muscles have ached to the point where I can hardly even move them and I don't want to get up. I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to leave my house and I certainly don't want to 'talk about it' because I don't even know what I'd say.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I realise more and more everyday how quick we all are, me included, to judge people based on what they show us on social media. What they CHOOSE to show us. We think we can make an informed opinion on the levels of somebody's success or happiness or personality, merely through 140 word phrases and a mixture of carefully composed and candid photographs. 


Pixi Spring/Summer Make Up // Sponsored

With the warmer climates fast approaching (well, in the UK, one can only hope), it's time to start taking into consideration our everyday make up routines and discovering new ways to avoid that 'sweaty, shiny, cake-face' which the sun, so often, likes to provide. It's the season where make up is generally tossed aside, scorned or forgotten (I'm guilty) because, well, heat + heavy products? Nobody got time for that, seriously. Until now maybe...

Pixi are best known for their goddess-worthy skin care, helping women across the world to achieve that natural glow, but did they stop there? Of course they didn't. So, you've nailed your skin care routine, you're looking radiant as ever but sometimes, you're just missing that little extra umph or fancy adding a splash of colour. This is usually me, as my summer wardrobe tends to be lacking in the hue department, so I like to play around with lipsticks and eyeshadows to differentiate a tad between seasons and avoid that "is it still winter, Liv?", satirical wit that gets regularly thrown about. No, I'm pretty sure my make up is currently melting from my face, into a pool at your feet, so you and I both know it's not winter... **eye roll**

Thankfully, Pixi are saving us from any melted, puddle fiascos with lightweight, easy-application and most importantly, good-for-you products. Forget any last minute, BBQ invite stress - we're talking fuss-free fabulousness in mere moments. 0-100 real quick.

Stay tuned to find out your summer must-haves and how I wear them in an exclusive lil' video, just for you!


City Wedding Outfit Ideas with Wallis

It's that time of year again, dare I say it... WEDDING SEASON!! To some, this may be an occasion of excitement, euphoria and a damn good reason to throw on your glad rags, get drunker than expected and of course, eat all of the cake. To others...well, let's just call it a shiver-inducing thought which strikes chaos and panic, right from the first mention...

"What the hell am I going to wear?"


SS16 Trend: Pyjama and Boudoir

SS16 has brought with it some of my favourite trends to date. Poplin, silk, satin, lace, frills, cold shoulder - you name it, I'm both mentally and physically invested. I was challenged, as part of an exclusive competition by Farfetch (if you haven't heard of them - be warned. Beautiful designer things EVERYWHERE), to style my own take on one of the four major trends this summer and yep, you guessed it, never one to shy away from mixing style and comfort, I quite obviously chose pyjama.


Denim Trend: Frayed Hem Jeans

The one thing about denim is that it's never not going to be in fashion. Skinny jeans to mom jeans, patchwork to biker - every season, the catwalks bring us a new way to wear it (which is not necessarily always on our legs) and every season, I become a sucker for what the high street has to offer.


Back-to-Black and Baseball Caps // Why Being A Hoarder Is Sometimes Good

I've never really been a cap lover. It was only up until recently, if I were to opt for the hat option, I'd reach for my trusty fedora to add an extra detail to an otherwise simple outfit, but all-in-all they often tend to get on my nerves and are just another thing to take care of. Being in the UK, as the entire world is most likely aware, it rains A LOT and sometimes you want to do something other than enclose your head in a giant hood, in the most un-stylish, egg-resembling way possible, to keep dry, you know? So, in a temporary moment of absolute madness (this is sarcasm), I put on a baseball cap. My step dad's baseball cap to be precise. I have to admit, when I asked, I didn't expect him to emerge with one quite as 'cool' as this...I was half-picturing some crude, bright red and yellow football team memorabilia. Should have given him more credit for his back-in-the-day style because from then on, it was mine. (Reasons why hoarding is good, example 1: hand-me-downs)


Powder Beauty Drawer // The Beauty 'Box' You Need

The 'beauty box' phenomenon is still as popular as ever, with more offerings appearing on the market every, single day to make your decision (or your boyfriend's decision when he's trying to buy you one as a gift) just that little bit more difficult. Now, I'd like to think I've experienced my fair few (granted, in the grand scheme of things, with the amount of them now out there, I've probably only tested about 10% but let's pretend that's not true) and can wholeheartedly say, I'm a huge fan. I mean, as a girl, or just a general beauty lover, what person wouldn't be over-the-moon to receive a package filled with new products to make themselves look/feel pretty?!! We all love a pamper. Even those guys who are ashamed to admit it...don't worry, we know.


Hairfinity Results // My Hair Journey and Experience

Before I begin on the nitty gritty (and the stuff you actually want to hear), I'm just gunna paint you all a little picture - a 'hair story' if you like, and a flashback to what once was...

Picture a 14 year old, mixed race girl with half-Afro and half-English genes which blended together to create perfect, shiny, corkscrew ringlets all over her head; the kind of curls you only imagined on dolls and that could surely not be created without man-made tools?! That was me.


What I Wore To LFW

The other week I embarked on my first ever experience of London Fashion Week. A fashion blogger that's never been to fashion week?! I know, I know, it's unheard of. To be honest, I've previously been quite terrified of the idea and shied away from any opportunity to attend; instead swapping it all for the comfort of my own home and a live stream from my laptop (though, who needs live streams now we have snapchat, am I right???). I met up with my bezzo blogger pal Sinead and, although we didn't attend any shows as it was all a bit last minute, we had a right, old laugh in our matching shoesies (see her post featuring them here), popping in and out of hangouts and soaking in the pretty lively, photographer-filled atmosphere around Brewer Street!