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Being Yourself and Why Not To Worry If You Don't Have a Blog Schedule

Want to know when this outfit was actually shot? I can tell you. 30th June 2016, to be precise. 

I know what you're thinking ...

"That's over three months ago and you're only now coming to post this on your blog, Liv? How will it still be relevant?"

Okay, so it may not be completely relevant to those in the height of winter, freezing their tits off, but these photos are of me, I'm posting them on my blog; featuring a look that epitomises my personal style; in a shoot location that was pre-considered to match the style of the outfit and imagery, and to be quite honest, I'm really happy with them (am I allowed to say that?). To me, this is relevant. And it always will be relevant, so long as it stays true to who I am.


Transitioning The Tea Dress // A Little Life Update

I haven't done much of a life update in a while and if there was ever a time to do one, it would have to be right about now. 

Things in my life, recently, have taken a sudden turn for ... I don't even know. Let's just say things have gotten pretty hectic and I've gone from struggling to find work and freelancing in a 'role' that I found extremely unfulfilling, with zero progression for months, to actually ending up with five opportunities for different legs of work within the space of a few weeks. Some within the space of a day. Isn't it crazy how life works?


Saying Farewell To The Cold Shoulder

Wow, when did summer leave us? It feels like, only yesterday, I was re-familiarising myself with warmer climates, shorter hems and of course, as well as the rest of the blogosphere (and probably world), cold shoulders. Probably because it was literally ten thousand degrees the day before last and I was sat on my deck in a bikini but let's ignore that, alongside next week's weather forecast, and focus on the fact that it's GOD DARN SEPTEMBER already!


*Those* Gucci Princetown Dupes

I'm gunna admit, I'm not usually one for exact dupes and would much rather purchase a high street, designer equivalent, which has been inspired by, and shares similar characteristics to it's heftier price-tagged opposition, rather than replicated it within an inch of its life.

But things change, people change, feelings change too (as PARTYNEXTDOOR once said) and although I'm not quite there yet on the bag front, recently, I've opened my mind to a whole, new world of shoesie look-a-likes because, quite frankly, everyday designer is just not always feasible ... nor is it necessary.


Friendships in Blogging // The Links of London Friendship Bracelet

No connection, however strong, can ever truly be materialised, but there's a sense of satisfaction, security and solidarity which come from preserving a bond within something beautiful. Something physical and precious to cherish forever. Something tangible. Cue the friendship bracelet...

I couldn't think of a more perfect way to share this iconic Links of London piece, on my own blog, than to combine the two and talk about those friendships which are perhaps a little less conventional; extremely millennial, yet still, equally as fulfilling as those which take the more traditional route: friendships formed through blogging. 

Or just the internet, for that matter. You know, that big, ol' scary place the adults warned us about?


A Festival Outfit Which Doesn't Involve Denim // Boob Job Chat

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE denim shorts. In fact, I can probably, shamefully admit, I've spent ninety percent of my summer sporting those little, turned up or frayed hem babes in every colour I own. Rain or shine. But that doesn't stop me from thinking there has to be more to festival fashion. 

I mean, we've seen Coachella ... so why, still, does the attire always, automatically bee-line straight for the same outfit staple when it comes to dressing for the occasion? I guess I just answered my own question. Staple. Trusty and reliable, with a fit for every person. But this is fashion and I like change (to some, mildly detectable, minuscule extent ;)).

Plus, this maxi dress and maxi PJ shirt (thank you, Zara) were just begging to be paired together ...

*note: fresh or faux flowers will never not be festival perfection, I'm sorry.



All White and Cold Shoulders

Last post I condemned spoke about the UK summer and it's lack thereof and well, what else can I say, other than BOY did that come back to bite me. That's the thing with us Brits though, you'll catch us complaining all summer about the lack of sun but when it gets too hot, we're back wishing for winter or even, dare I mention it ... rain. With the heat in mind, I've switched full shade spectrum and turned my hand to my other favourite 'colour' in existence - white.


Smart, Summer Layering in All Black

I think we can all agree that summer in the UK doesn't really amount to summer. This year especially. That probably means, even more so, that I should be experimenting with colour to brighten up my wardrobe a little and compensate for our ever-lacking weather, but somehow, I still always find myself gravitating back to black. You know what they say... *insert inappropriate emoji face here*

I know black can be a tricky option when approaching warmer climates (or at least, pretending to) so I thought it was only right to style up an almost all black ensemble with my brand new shein jumpsuit at the forefront. I have previously worn this on my instagram, more casually, but I figured it was time to give this baby its Liv in Fashion debut and show you its effortlessly versatile ways! (in a somewhat creepy backdrop)

The jumpsuit itself is quite low cut at the sides, which, although may sit well with the lesser self conscious around the chest area, wasn't gunna work out for me. Unless perhaps, with pretty bikini peeping through on hols.

It gave me the perfect opportunity to layer, layer, layer and still manage to show off the beautiful details on this, missy empire bra. PRAISE THE LORD FOR MESH! (though, not that 90's, body con, panelling type because I was far too glad to see that go).
Ok, so I lied a little when I mentioned 'all black' but a shoe this good has just gotta be seen. Reminiscent of Gucci (what isn't nowadays?) and surprisingly more easy to walk in than first imagined, these 4th & Reckless mules have garnered a top spot in my shoedrobe. And on my instagram, judging by the response to the picture... even with my half painted toe nails and shaving-scarred leg. 

If a shoe can take the attention away from those, then in my books, it deserves some limelight.

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

c/o Shein jumpsuit
Missguided tee
Mango bag
c/o Wavvse sunglasses
c/o Missy Empire bra
c/o 4th & Reckless shoes


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Save When You Share with Shopical // A New Way To Shop Online

We've all been there - an online basket, brimming full of new clothes that you're about to willingly sacrifice the contents of your bank account for. You get through to the final page and are struck with a pang of guilt once you clock the total, and that little 'promo code?' box is teasing you in your periphery because you and it both know that you didn't come prepared with one. But that doesn't stop you combing the entire web and social media now you've been reminded, in hopes of finding that last shred of discount before committing to that oh-so-persuasive and alluring 'checkout' button and crossing the emotions of feeling wild and free, with terrible regret and sadness for your little plastic card. Well, it doesn't have to be that way...