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Smart, Summer Layering in All Black

I think we can all agree that summer in the UK doesn't really amount to summer. This year especially. That probably means, even more so, that I should be experimenting with colour to brighten up my wardrobe a little and compensate for our ever-lacking weather, but somehow, I still always find myself gravitating back to black. You know what they say... *insert inappropriate emoji face here*

I know black can be a tricky option when approaching warmer climates (or at least, pretending to) so I thought it was only right to style up an almost all black ensemble with my brand new shein jumpsuit at the forefront. I have previously worn this on my instagram, more casually, but I figured it was time to give this baby its Liv in Fashion debut and show you its effortlessly versatile ways! (in a somewhat creepy backdrop)

The jumpsuit itself is quite low cut at the sides, which, although may sit well with the lesser self conscious around the chest area, wasn't gunna work out for me. Unless perhaps, with pretty bikini peeping through on hols.

It gave me the perfect opportunity to layer, layer, layer and still manage to show off the beautiful details on this, missy empire bra. PRAISE THE LORD FOR MESH! (though, not that 90's, body con, panelling type because I was far too glad to see that go).
Ok, so I lied a little when I mentioned 'all black' but a shoe this good has just gotta be seen. Reminiscent of Gucci (what isn't nowadays?) and surprisingly more easy to walk in than first imagined, these 4th & Reckless mules have garnered a top spot in my shoedrobe. And on my instagram, judging by the response to the picture... even with my half painted toe nails and shaving-scarred leg. 

If a shoe can take the attention away from those, then in my books, it deserves some limelight.

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

c/o Shein jumpsuit
Missguided tee
Mango bag
c/o Wavvse sunglasses
c/o Missy Empire bra
c/o 4th & Reckless shoes


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Save When You Share with Shopical // A New Way To Shop Online

We've all been there - an online basket, brimming full of new clothes that you're about to willingly sacrifice the contents of your bank account for. You get through to the final page and are struck with a pang of guilt once you clock the total, and that little 'promo code?' box is teasing you in your periphery because you and it both know that you didn't come prepared with one. But that doesn't stop you combing the entire web and social media now you've been reminded, in hopes of finding that last shred of discount before committing to that oh-so-persuasive and alluring 'checkout' button and crossing the emotions of feeling wild and free, with terrible regret and sadness for your little plastic card. Well, it doesn't have to be that way...


Cruise OOTD Part Two: Venice, Italy

Part two of our 'oh wait, you're not sixty', 'shouldn't you be in Ibiza?' cruise embarkation lands us in Venice. a.k.a The Floating City, a.k.a the best place for Lindt hot chocolate, a.k.a. don't-wear-a-jacket-that's-longer-than-your-shorts district.

All jokes aside, this was probably one of the most photogenic places I've ever had the pleasure to shoot in.

10/10 would see again.


SS16 Trend: The Evolution of Genderless Dressing

First off, I'd like to say that I initially intended to title this post 'How To Dress Like A Boy', followed by some feminine-connotative word such as 'girly' in some form or other (don't hate me, keep reading), before I had an epiphany and realised that that was a fucking stupid, stereotypically-influenced idea and gave myself a slap on the wrist. Lol, life. I literally stopped and said to myself 'hang on, Olivia' -and I never call myself Olivia- 'describe exactly what you think it means to dress like a boy', or, as it was coming from my point of view, what do you consider to be 'dressing like a girl'? And why are you "apparently" not dressing like one in this shoot?


Cruise OOTD Part One: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last month, my sister and I embarked on yet another, not-as-expected, sibling experience. Now, this one wasn't quite as harrowing as our last trip which you can read all about here (part one and part two) but I will say, we probably won't be repeating it for at least another forty years. In the midst of excitement about sailing the sea for a week, and stopping at all these breathtaking destinations within one holiday (that's like five-in-one, right? And we all love a deal), we'd been blinded by the glamour and forgotten the oh-so-accurate, stereotypical audience of your usual cruise. You all know what I'm talking about. Silver hair. And lots of it.


French Connection Rebound Denim: 3 Ways to Wear The Skinny Jean

There was a time where the only jeans to grace my legs would be all colours and all washes. Then came the mom jean, followed by the boyfriend, the straight leg and more recently, flares. Amongst all of this, my tighter fitting friends became a little lost and overshadowed by their successors. I don't know if this was more of a comfort thing or me simply getting caught up in the trends, but when French Connection asked me to style a pair from their new Rebound Denim collection, I just knew it was time to bring these babies back, with a much needed appearance-refresh.


Pastel Colours And A Post From The Heart

For the last 4 days now, I have been crying consistently, sometimes hysterically and I couldn't even tell you exactly why. For the last 9 days I have been tired, all day, everyday, even when exulting zero physical energy and even on top of 10 hours plus sleep. I've woken up tired, I've gone to sleep tired, my muscles have ached to the point where I can hardly even move them and I don't want to get up. I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to leave my house and I certainly don't want to 'talk about it' because I don't even know what I'd say.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I realise more and more everyday how quick we all are, me included, to judge people based on what they show us on social media. What they CHOOSE to show us. We think we can make an informed opinion on the levels of somebody's success or happiness or personality, merely through 140 word phrases and a mixture of carefully composed and candid photographs. 


Pixi Spring/Summer Make Up // Sponsored

With the warmer climates fast approaching (well, in the UK, one can only hope), it's time to start taking into consideration our everyday make up routines and discovering new ways to avoid that 'sweaty, shiny, cake-face' which the sun, so often, likes to provide. It's the season where make up is generally tossed aside, scorned or forgotten (I'm guilty) because, well, heat + heavy products? Nobody got time for that, seriously. Until now maybe...

Pixi are best known for their goddess-worthy skin care, helping women across the world to achieve that natural glow, but did they stop there? Of course they didn't. So, you've nailed your skin care routine, you're looking radiant as ever but sometimes, you're just missing that little extra umph or fancy adding a splash of colour. This is usually me, as my summer wardrobe tends to be lacking in the hue department, so I like to play around with lipsticks and eyeshadows to differentiate a tad between seasons and avoid that "is it still winter, Liv?", satirical wit that gets regularly thrown about. No, I'm pretty sure my make up is currently melting from my face, into a pool at your feet, so you and I both know it's not winter... **eye roll**

Thankfully, Pixi are saving us from any melted, puddle fiascos with lightweight, easy-application and most importantly, good-for-you products. Forget any last minute, BBQ invite stress - we're talking fuss-free fabulousness in mere moments. 0-100 real quick.

Stay tuned to find out your summer must-haves and how I wear them in an exclusive lil' video, just for you!


City Wedding Outfit Ideas with Wallis

It's that time of year again, dare I say it... WEDDING SEASON!! To some, this may be an occasion of excitement, euphoria and a damn good reason to throw on your glad rags, get drunker than expected and of course, eat all of the cake. To others...well, let's just call it a shiver-inducing thought which strikes chaos and panic, right from the first mention...

"What the hell am I going to wear?"