Happy New Decade : Celebrating the Joy of Fashion

Tuesday, March 24

*this post is sponsored by Selfridges, however all opinions, anecdotes and rambles belong to yours truly 

in order to delve into how and why the world of fashion brings me so much joy, we’re gunna have to have a bit of a throwback here because we need to, really, talk about why i started this ... how i edged my way into this industry and what fashion blogging has led me to today by doing so. things might get a little bit personal and a little bit ‘all cards on the table’ but i want to try and keep it lighthearted because i’ve touched on the in-depth, emotional side before ( props to those who read here in those days but if you didn’t, it’s explained in quite a few previous blog posts ) and after all, this post is supposed to be celebrating happiness. so happiness we shall spread.

fashion has always been a huge interest of mine, right down to the stereotypical ‘child tries on mum’s shoes and lipstick whilst she’s not looking’ days but i wasn’t always 100% certain whether i wanted to have a career in it. even whilst studying fashion design at college, i was super into personal style but when it came down to the curricular side of things, i tended to steer more towards illustration and interior design ~ still two huge passions of mine today

after that, the growing storm clouds of untreated anxiety and depression really began to roll in and the lack of leaving my house, and therefore feeling hopeless and creativity-depraved, led me to set up this little site you see today ( that, alongside some encouragement and regular ‘where is your outfit from?’ flashbacks from being back in education ). this little site, which might not look like much ( and could definitely be written on more ) that’s filled with my heart and soul. filled with truths and a truckload of thoughts i felt were easier to communicate to the internet than to humans in real life. this little site which saved me from spiralling even further into darkness and kept me afloat. kept me hoping.

setting up liv in fashion felt like i finally had a purpose. people cared what i had to say and they even liked it. they commented nice things and they appreciated my choices of outfit, despite the fact i photographed them outside the front of my house because i had panic attacks at the thought of going much further. but that didn’t matter. having this outlet enabled me to feel happy for the first time in a long while

fast forward to five years later and i’m working with brands i could have never even imagined, on campaigns with messages which make you realise how far you’ve actually come. because as humans, we tend to forget our past journeys. we’ve been taught to not look back ‘because we’re not going that way’ ( shout out to tumblr for that teenage quote of a lifetime ) but i’ve always thought it was important to reflect. it’s often very humbling and allows us to appreciate our personal growth, rather than constantly be consumed by the pressure to perform better.

Selfridges have launched ‘HAPPY NEW DECADE’ in a bid to encourage us all to explore what brings us the most joy ( something which i believe is even more important at this current moment in time ) ... to embrace self-expression and start this decade with a positive outlook for what’s to come -because a brighter future WILL come- whilst also being fully present and acknowledging the moment. i attended a comedy night at their cinema last month to do just that and being able to laugh out loud, in a room full of humans doing the same, felt entirely freeing. i can't wait until we'll all be able to do that again once the chaos calms down

in a similar vein, to start the decade how i mean for it to go on, i have chosen to embrace practicality and efficiency ... so say hello to my new baby ~ the boyy bag ( karl ). when i tell you that laughing out loud was freeing, being able to carry around all your daily belongings in one bag, no additional tote, is the epitome of freeing. goodbye tiny bags. i still love you but for now, more reasonable sized, top handle bags are taking front and centre. and with them, sits a fresh hit of optimism for 2020.

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