All White and Cold Shoulders

Monday, July 25
Last post I condemned spoke about the UK summer and it's lack thereof and well, what else can I say, other than BOY did that come back to bite me. That's the thing with us Brits though, you'll catch us complaining all summer about the lack of sun but when it gets too hot, we're back wishing for winter or even, dare I mention it ... rain. With the heat in mind, I've switched full shade spectrum and turned my hand to my other favourite 'colour' in existence - white.

Rain proof? Probably not, which I'm guessing is how 'wet t-shirt competitions' were invented. Food proof? Definitely not. Dry meals only and nothing which contains an ounce of colour.

But there is something beautiful and so chic about an all-white ensemble; perhaps derived from depictions of our ethereal and spiritual messengers. Pure, minimal and pretty much suited to everyone. I think I'll sacrifice that salted caramel brownie and spaghetti bolognese just one time, to get away with wearing this ... 

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

c/o Rare London dress
Missguided sleeveless blazer
Mango bag
c/o Ultimate collections sunglasses
c/o Ravel shoes
c/o Style by Portobello scarf


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