Back-to-Black and Baseball Caps // Why Being A Hoarder Is Sometimes Good

Thursday, March 24
I've never really been a cap lover. It was only up until recently, if I were to opt for the hat option, I'd reach for my trusty fedora to add an extra detail to an otherwise simple outfit, but all-in-all they often tend to get on my nerves and are just another thing to take care of. Being in the UK, as the entire world is most likely aware, it rains A LOT and sometimes you want to do something other than enclose your head in a giant hood, in the most un-stylish, egg-resembling way possible, to keep dry, you know? So, in a temporary moment of absolute madness (this is sarcasm), I put on a baseball cap. My step dad's baseball cap to be precise. I have to admit, when I asked, I didn't expect him to emerge with one quite as 'cool' as this...I was half-picturing some crude, bright red and yellow football team memorabilia. Should have given him more credit for his back-in-the-day style because from then on, it was mine. (Reasons why hoarding is good, example 1: hand-me-downs)
A little funny story for you all - The other day I attended a Next Beauty event (wonderful night with the gorgeous Lydia Millen, may I add) and the girls were discussing old brands we wore as teens. When Tammy was brought up (TELL ME YOU REMEMBER!), I was brave stupid enough to reluctantly admit that my coat is actually from there. I've had it since around the age of 14; Mum nagging me that I needed a smart, winter coat and of course, purchasing one at least two sizes too big so that it would last. Well, Ma - seven years later and safe to say it lasted. That's despite almost being thrown away twenty times during my teenage tantrums of hating everything..."What was that about Mums knowing best?", I hear her mutter, just loud enough to register as she waddles off towards the kitchen for a cuppa. It's funny how, not just trending fashions, but even your own, personal style can go full circle in a matter of years. (Reasons why hoarding is good, example 2: trend cycles)
Photos: @luzynsky

I am wearing
H&M shirt (similar) // Boohoo flares // Nike trainers (black version here) // Mango bag (similar) // Hugo Boss cap (similar) // Mobs & Monsters necklace

This ensemble doesn't entirely consist of golden oldies, don't you worry - can we just take a moment to appreciate my beautiful Nikes? I'm a self-confessed rose gold addict and when I spied these in a shop window in Italy (read parts 1 and 2 of my trip here), the willpower-less side of me had to wander in. Turns out they were on sale for 49 euros and there was a size 4.5 waiting patiently for me to pick up and shove in my already-too-heavy hold-all for the trip home. I call that a win. And apparently so did Instagram, judging by the reception they still continue to receive!

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than a fresh start, whether it be spring cleaning your wardrobe, bedroom, starting a new book or even deleting old text messages. As an anxious person, I have to carry these things out often; it's like those littlest of things can have a huge impact on your mental capacity and attitude and I would encourage everyone I've met to do so. But sometimes you keep stuff, for whatever reason, and when it comes back to them, the feeling (whether it be physical or emotional) is equally as rewarding as when you clear things out; they bring back memories or simply just complete a look, like mine did. I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that it is okay save things. I'm often guilty of getting carried away in a clear out and sometimes, being almost too ruthless, without thinking things through.

If you want to hold onto that N-Sync poster you bought when you were 12, even though a corner of Justin's face is missing, hold onto it. Perhaps if you possess a thousand other posters of different 90s bands in your belongings, then you need to re-evaluate your choices, but that's cool. I think if you have to repeatedly question things that you're trying to get rid of, it's quite a tell as to whether you should keep them. Try to go with your gut but be rational. No one needs a thousand postersFashion is trickier because nothing ever really goes out of style. It's more about being true to yourself, regardless of what people are wearing around you, and weighing up whether or not it's worth it.

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