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Sunday, March 20
The 'beauty box' phenomenon is still as popular as ever, with more offerings appearing on the market every, single day to make your decision (or your boyfriend's decision when he's trying to buy you one as a gift) just that little bit more difficult. Now, I'd like to think I've experienced my fair few (granted, in the grand scheme of things, with the amount of them now out there, I've probably only tested about 10% but let's pretend that's not true) and can wholeheartedly say, I'm a huge fan. I mean, as a girl, or just a general beauty lover, what person wouldn't be over-the-moon to receive a package filled with new products to make themselves look/feel pretty?!! We all love a pamper. Even those guys who are ashamed to admit it...don't worry, we know.
When Powder let me know they were releasing their first ever physical, beauty drawer, as an extension to their digital version you can create on their site, and then asked if I wanted one, I did a massive HELL YEAH to myself (making sure no one was around) before calmly and more professionally jumping at the offer. Okay, I say more professionally...the amount of exclamation marks that I sent in reply to that email probably screamed otherwise but girl got excited, alright? If you're not yet familiar with Powder themselves, then I'm telling you, you need to be. Beauty moguls gather round because this is about to become your new best friend...

Imagine all of the top beauty editors from your fave places such as Marie Claire and InStyle giving you regular, one-to-one beauty advice and product recommendations on any category you can think of (well, most of them anyway). And then imagine it for free. You pick a make-up/skin care option, they ask you questions and then, they help you out with a bunch of products you can become poor from purchasing. Either that, or you can save them for later in your 'drawer' and perhaps start dropping not-so-subtle, gift suggestions to your nearest and dearest. My favourite thing to do is to set pictures of said suggestion as the background on all of their devices. Subliminal suggesting: it's good fun and highly effective. I promise.
First off, I wanna congratulate Powder on creating the most jam-packed box of products I've ever come across. Fair enough, it does come at a higher price tag than most, weighing in at £35 (get your hands on it here and use code POW for free P&P!) but when you work out that you end up with 13 tailored-to-you products with a combined value of £113, I'd say that's a pretty dapper deal. It's also subscription-free, so you're not locked in to some endless, life-changing deal that could make or break your bank balance. I'm just joking, but we're all afraid of commitment when it comes down to it, aren't we...
Now, before I get slated for not testing out any of the products because they look unused - these pictures were all taken before I touched anything. Nobody wants to see a gammy, half-used tube positioned next to some beautiful, fresh tulips to try and improve its appearance but really just making the flowers look crap. I mean, maybe you do because it's more real but the perfectionist in me, over here, ain't complying. I will, however, be honest with you and say I haven't got round to trying them all but my troopers, so far, have been the L'oreal Dual Stylers - sucker for a tube that looks like a fun, science experiment and hair has never been more silky when straightening, alongside the Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum - smells a little 'spa-like' but say hello to instant, supple, baby's bum skin.

For a box filled with the biggest variety of game-changing goodies, as well as top-notch brand names, that doesn't break the bank and you forge no commitment to (if you want a one night stand with it, you own that), this is the one for you. And if not even that entices you, just focus on the fact that it's baby pink and it's a DRAWER. I.e. you can store it on your furniture with your cactus friends on top of it and not have to migrate them every time you want access! (I'll insert a picture of mine below)
Links to my glove shoes (and alternatives) because I know you're bound to ask: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I'm aware I've just banged on about how much I love products but my actual favourite thing about this entire concept is the mini-magazine that comes alongside it. Call me sad, I know, but I have an uncanny obsession with anything scaled-down and have a firm appreciation for the extra touches. Not only does it explain each product to us amateurs, it also gives a little tip, direct from Powder, for each one and has a 'Beauty Speak' dictionary on the back page to settle all of our lingo uncertainties. Cute, huh?

To get your hands on your own, head over to the site here. You can read all of my other beauty posts here and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' so you never miss a post!

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