Santa Baby

Thursday, December 24
Red boots...bobble hat...all sounds a little familiar, don'tcha think? Sorry to say I don't own a bunch of reindeer, nor can I bring infinite happiness to the lives of little children (I think they hate me), or anyone else for that matter, but I can at least try my best to bring some inspo to your computer/mobile screens and who knows - maybe even half-convert those "bah humbugs" who are having a bit of trouble getting into the festive spirit this year!
Photography by @luzynsky

I am wearing
Forever 21 coat // Topshop hat // ASOS boots (taupe here, similar here) // H&M skirt // Nelly bag // Mango sunglasses

This isn't going to be a chatty one because, well, I basically don't want you to spend your time reading it! It's the festive season and to me, all I can associate this time of year with is family, friends and loved ones. ie. Time to remember the non-technological world season; time to show people you appreciate them season and time to spend time season. In other words, I don't want to keep you away from the special people who would most probably love your attention because I think that's what's most important. ***should have included a soppy warning***

We shot this outfit a few weeks ago, on a little (now regular) trip to South Ken and it wasn't until I was reviewing the pictures that I realised how perfect they would be for Christmas. Basically, I look like some sort of revamped, female Santa, I'll admit...but I'm actually kinda diggin' it so props to the man himself for the subconscious inspo!

I'm going to leave you on that note and all I can say is that I truly hope you have a wonderful few days. 2015's events have brought so much hurt and sadness, it's such a pleasure to see some faith and joy finally restored to the faces around us. 

Sending my love to you all and to everybody who can no longer join us during this period.

Merry Christmas
(and don't forget to tell the ones you love that you love them)

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