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Sunday, January 10
Beauty box, beauty box, beauty now you will have probably all heard the term endlessly floating around the webosphere, with more and more companies stepping forward with their offerings to the now hugely popular trend. Most tend to follow a familiar format: fill out a quick profile based on your skin and hair colour, their condition, colour preferences etc. and the company picks a number of products based on these details to send out for you to try each and every month. All sounds pretty simple and innovative right? Until one month you receive a box full of products that you have little-to-no interest in testing or aren't particularly, entirely, suited to your needs...
Love Me Beauty, though a similar concept, acts as more of an online, personal beauty consultant that will suggest an array of products individually tailored to your preferences. And the products are just that - suggestions! You're then able to pick from these recommendations, exactly which ones you'd like to receive for that month or, if not any, move through to their boutique, where you'll have free reign over an entire library of products. It's kinda like when you ask for someone's help to make a decision, they give you an answer but then you always end up going with the alternative option...please say this doesn't only occur with me? It's a human trait, right? (happens far too often over here!)
Products in my box:
Lanolips Banana Balm

I fell in love with the Malin & Goetz cleanser and can safely say it has become a firm favourite of mine (and apparently now the boy's too, who casually went off to buy half of their range on Mr. Porter), not just from what I got in my box, but out of all previous 'face wash' style cleansers I've tried. It's simple, fresh, leaves my face feeling like I've just sassily walked out of a spa and relieves my skin of its highly unnecessary excess oils (say hey to a less shiny Liv!). Yes, I liked it that much, I managed to (not even reluctantly) part with the £27 it costs for the full 236ml version and I'm showing no signs of regret.

The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or, ie. the 'bit of a mouthful product that hardly anyone can pronounce' came in a close second after the cleanser, once I'd come to the realisation that it wasn't a nail polish, thanks to a quick visit with my friend, Google. After clarifying that it is in fact a body and hair oil and hoping that it didn't turn out like those god awful, glitter body roll ons we had as kids, I finally gave it a try. The result was a subtle, sun-kissed shimmer that would fool anyone in to thinking you're fresh out the Caribbean, and it smells great too. Winner!

It's pretty hard to fault the quality of the packaging, brands and products featured here and I am overly impressed with the sample to full size ratio included. Totally ironic that the product I liked best and instantly went to buy was a sample, though, judging by the rate I go through it, I think a re-purchase was inevitable! 

Let me know if you've tried any of the things I received and if you're interested in trying the service out for yourself, you can use my code liv50 here for 50% off your first order, no matter which option you choose.

Happy trialling!

*this is not a sponsored post, though some of the links used may be affiliate. I was kindly sent this box to review by Love Me Beauty as I was really impressed with their unique take on the standard 'beauty box'

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