Beauty Review: Lord & Berry

Sunday, November 29
Lord & Berry have been a brand I've been meaning to try since I first discovered the wonders of Lily Pebbles back in, probably around 2011?! Black packaging, clean branding and a whole load of lip stuff? Yep, that was me sold. I would sit in awe of her bold lip products and lipsticks THAT CAME FROM A CRAYON!! (this was innovative back then I tell you!) and put together huge wishlists of shades that I wanted but never actually got round to purchasing. I'm putting it down to a combination of not having much of a budget at 16 and staying loyal to my good, old friend MAC once I'd saved up some monies, and then, after becoming blonde, practically giving up on all the coloured lip products I own and wearing straight up vaseline for a few years. Adventurous, I know. I'm a self-confessed lipstick fiend but, as soon as I opted for lighter locks, those bright reds, pinks and tangerines that I once lived in just seemed to terrify me when I looked at myself with them on in the mirror.

Products featured: Lord & Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick in 'Magnetic Smile', 20100 Matte in 'Adorable', Ultimate Lipliner in 'Nude' and Perfecto Liner

Portrait photos by @luzynsky

Saying that, I do still occasionally dabble in the odd bit of colour, but it tends to be deeper shades of burgundy and brown or dark nudes, alongside the 'your lips but better' naturals that get me through most of my days. Since I first got these babes in the post a couple of weeks ago, I've rarely gone out without this lipliner and crayon combo. The liner is the absolute PERFECT shade to add a natural, enhanced hue to the lips, which, me being a huge fan of MAC's Spice lipliner, is a tough seat to fill and, paired with 'Adorable' on top, it creates the ideal, subtle, feminine look. The dream duo in my opinion and a definite can't-leave-the-house-without couple.

It was the lipstick that looked a little more daunting and I'll admit, I did shy away for a while initially.  Intimidated by a lipstick - who'd have thought it?! No wonder they say to always wear bold shades, in the presence of men, in business! When applying, again over the top of the nude lipliner, it glides on like silk, producing a vivid, deep shade of magenta in one sweep...and it was a lot less scary than imagined (as applies to most walks of life!) This needed to be shown on, as its beautiful, rich tone didn't translate as well in the lifestyle shots. I wore it to the hairdressers (where it seemed to garner approval from those around me) and a good 3 hours, lots of chatting and countless amounts of sipping later - there it was, still clinging seamlessly to my lips, in full colour with no flaking. Safe to say it passed the test.

The 'felt-tip' style liner was another one I was slightly dubious about after trying countless ones from different brands to only discover them drying up within a week. That, or producing some kind of grey, watery mess on my eyelids, making me appear even more tired than I probably was. I don't usually wear eyeliner day-to-day but since this claimed to be '100% waterproof, smudge proof and quick drying with a last of over 24 hours', I was determined to prove it wrong. Stubbornness - Cancer trait, I apologise. I thought the hairdressers would also be a good place to test this, as, it being a long process, there are a few hair washes, heaters and products all around my face area for a prolonged period of time. After withstanding that, on top of the UK wind and rain and perhaps a couple of (secret) crying episodes when catching up on I'm A Celebrity (over-emotional, another Cancer characteristic!), it still wouldn't budge. Thank the Lord (and Berry *b-dum-tsss*) for micellar water is all I'm saying.

 So, in the words of Justin Bieber 'I never like to admit that I was wrong'...but this time, I was wrong.


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