The Gift of Gifting : Keeping Christmas Personal

Thursday, November 30
in collaboration with Accessorize

as i write this, i’m sat reminiscing on the fact that it’s november, and last night, i was in a restaurant which was unashamedly blasting paul mccartney’s ‘simply having a wonderful christmas time’ and my sister and i were unashamedly singing along. 

as i write this, i’m sat thinking about twenty-seventeen, the things i’ve achieved and the people i’ve met. the ups and downs - of which there have been plenty - and of the year to come. which, might i remind you is no longer than just over a month away. ha. hahaha. i’m not laughing out of sheer terror of how fast time flies … i promise …

my mum asked me what i wanted for christmas this year and do you know what, it took me over a week to get back to her and all i could think of was a plant. i just LOVE plants. i’ve already got a name for it too, despite the fact it doesn’t even exist yet. it’s cornelia, if you were wondering (thanks, sis for the inspo) but that’s a whole other story which is heading a little off-topic so we’ll save it for a later date i guess. see, everyone always said there’d be a time where we’d struggle to think of anything we want and for me, that time is now more than ever. well, there’s always the less-than-feasible options of a happy, peaceful world, 10/10 health and a bit more sunshine in the UK but whilst my mother is a wonderful woman, even she isn’t as much of a miracle worker to provide that.

being bloggers, we’re surrounded by ‘stuff’. everyday, new parcels. every event, another goody bag. and with risk of sounding like the number one, most first world problem-er ever, having so much stuff means everything does just become ‘stuff’. am i making any sense? it’s bloody lovely stuff, might i add. and i still have to step back and take a sec to assess how all of this even became a thing but i never want to lose sight of what a gift really is. the thought which goes behind it. what it means to the giver and the receiver. the feeling each person gets when it’s exchanged and the memories it might hold, or those it’s yet to create. that is what turns aforementioned ‘stuff’ (last time, i swear) into something special.

so i cleared my mind, thought long and hard, and with the help of Accessorize, styled up a selection of products i’d love to be gifted myself, followed by an edit for my sister (who seems to have featured multiple times in this post - hey girl), thinking about our personalities, interests, connections and needs. you’ll soon learn from my choices that the extent of our similarities stop at humour, sensitivity and the ability to blend in, natively, to almost every warmer-climated country we vacate to …

shop my selection

whilst my picks are a lot more understated, alix would always opt for bolder tones and patterns. when it comes to fashion, i seem to associate her style with ‘chunky’. not the most flattering term, i know but bear with me (sorry hun). be it boots, scarves, jewellery, she’s more of a ‘go big or go home’ gal, whereas i’m a ‘minimal is the motto’ sort of human … though i did throw in some dainty ear jackets because she recently surprised me and set her sights on a pair of similar ones i wear on the reg.

the backpack and coin purse offer practicality. something i know is always a primary focus for her. she likes to carry around the contents of our fridge for when she’s peckish, so a small bag just wouldn’t suffice. and yes, we do now have co-ordinating coin purses, just like we have matching zodiac mugs in our flat. we come as a pair now we’re back to being housemates (plus, i really just wanted to remind her of when mum used to dress us up in the same outfit and she’d death stare me for cramping her pap-worthy style, hehehe).

the bougie galaxy bra (which i am one hundred percent stealing for myself) is another continuation from the zodiac mugs. and no, i cannot get through one day, blog post or minuscule social interaction without mentioning astrology. would you expect any less? 

we sort of have this tradition in the blankson flat that when we FINALLY, at some point in the week, see each other (clashing schedules + london life = r.i.p. sibling socialising), we grab some sort of chocolatey substance, sit together for a catchup, and i read us our horoscopes. i’m sure i’ve mentioned this before about our random laughs and cries together - sometimes struggling to differentiate the two. it’s all lovely and enlightening really and i wouldn’t change it for the world.

still trying to convince her to get these matching constellation tattoos however … a subtle reminder in the form of cute lingerie … will let you know how that one goes.

shop alix’s selection

although i don’t yet want to admit it, i can’t lie when i say the festive feeling has officially begun to hit me. perhaps if it’s yet to get to you, this’ll help spark up some inspiration. either that, or you can whack on some paul mccartney and see if that does the trick. it’s seriously infectious.

is it too early to wish you merry christmas? ;)

~ this post was sponsored by Accessorize, however all opinions, styling and rambles belong to yours truly

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