Reasons To Be Thankful For Winter

Sunday, October 29
confession: i'm a summer baby who loves the winter but hates being cold. and is cold A LOT. like more than the average person. as in, i got christened 'e.t.' in the office because i'd sit there with a blanket wrapped around my head whilst everyone else would be thanking the lord for desk fans, suppressing their need to self combust. 

people say you're either a summer or winter lover. sunshine and shorts or crisp leaves and coats. my mother would vouch for the former. she's a warm weather soul through and through but i, however, would lean more towards the latter (the african half of me screaming internally as i make that admission)

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don't get me wrong, i love a little heat as much as the next girl. the moment those sun rays hit your skin, that golden glow illuminating buildings in the early eve. the smiles. oh lord, the smiles. you've never seen london quite so happy than when everyone is stripped down to practically their skivvies and sweating pools all over the tube. there's nothing like dehydration and perspiration to bring a city together.

as humans, we'll always find something to complain about. and as british humans, it's usually the weather. conversation starter or under-the-breath mumble - you don't have to wait long, post wake up, for it to be mentioned.

with that in mind, i wanted to show some love to winter. since usually, the colder seasons bring abundantly more complaints and disdain. there are a lot of things i appreciate in winter, so i figured the interweb (and world) would never be short of some love sharing ...

here are a few of the reasons why i'm thankful winter :

time. call me crazy but there's something about summer that, for lack of better words, *shits* itself away in an instant. in winter, the world seems to move a little slower. we have more minutes to breathe. more moments to take in what's around us. 

comfort. food and fashion. in winter, everything is all the more inviting. coming home, out of the cold to all of the carbs and hearty cooking. going out into the cold, in more layers than probably necessary. richer colours and thicker fabrics. COATS. all of the coats. i've been waiting months, before now, to find the perfect puffer. each purchase, prior to owning this one, passed straight into the grateful hands of my shopping-hating sister. 

social soirees aplenty. invites come rolling in thick and fast. and whilst i'm a homebody who thinks beds are the best thing since sliced bread, there's something about the 'holiday' season which brings a new lease of social life. everything seems that little more special. perhaps because they require more effort to attend. 

crisp mornings. these need no explanation. we all know that feeling. fresh air filling your lungs. the subtle warmth of sun rays kissing your face. dew. for the first times in our lives, we can actually appreciate DEW. because we know we don't have to sit on it like we did as kids ...

hot drinks. umm, hello seasonal specials. it's your time to shine. it's the time where coffee shops bring their a-game and PSL fans can finally spice up their insta pics (get it ? ;)). i'm more of a soya hazelnut hot chocolate fan myself. but tbqh, sometimes the cute cups convince me more than their actual content. 

friends and family. colder seasons seem to bring people closer. even more so as christmas and the new year approach. i long to be around my loved ones. to rekindle old friendships. to connect with those i value.

what things make you thankful winter ?? writing these have made me all warm and fuzzy inside, so i hope they evoke some excitement in you also ...

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