Accessorising for Wedding Season with Pandora : Repeat Jewellery

Friday, June 9
there's a persistent dread which develops, following a pang or so of excitement, when anybody mentions the word wedding. and whilst in winter you can simply hide your entire life under one, magical coat; everyone not offering a care in the world as to what's underneath because they're too busy thinking about that free food at the reception, summer's a whole different story.

when it comes to dressing for weddings, we have to think about practicality (wind, food-baby enhancing dresses and button-up-the-back playsuits are not our friends), style, etiquette (ie. avoiding white and cream ... and apparently black is a thing too??) and one of the hardest struggles of all ~ accessorising.

accessory stress is a real thing and i can tell you now, it's not something any of us need in our lives. my top tip for outfit-finishing? don't overthink it. i'm that girl who spent days on the pandora site, searching their endless selections for styling ops, yet still found myself gravitating back towards my original picks.

and i liked them so much, i chose them twice. so, without further ado, let me introduce you to my new found love of repeat/symmetry jewellery and, of course, the gorgeous pieces you see featured ... (liv goes for rose gold ~ shock)

I am wearing


there's just something about bangles which, to me, nowadays just ooze elegance. for those who opt for a more minimal approach, one or two delicate pieces with little other jewellery to accompany will subtly complete an ensemble. for those statement-makers, they make the perfect, layering pieces. put them up your arm, round your ankles, i mean even in your hair if that's your thing (maybe, kinda being less serious about that last one but you get my point) ... we've come a long way since the nineties ~ chunky, plastic bracelets with 'love life' and 'believe in yourself' slogans printed across them, anyone??

i've always found when putting together an outfit for weddings, the best thing to do is to leave your accessories 'til last. forget about them for now, put on what you plan to wear, style your hair and perfect that new make up look you wanted to try out because you saw it once in a tutorial and just knew there would eventually be an occasion to attempt to recreate it. once all above steps are complete, it's now time to stare at yourself in the mirror. find the 'holes' in your final look.

for me, the 'holes' were my arms. my neck and decolletage area were taken by one shoulder and frill details but my arms and hands were looking a tad sorry for themselves. as the dress was block colour and pretty plain, the jewellery required a little layering and mixed metals to vary the tones. ironically an asymmetric dress was topped off with (almost ~ i'm looking at you luminous droplet ring) symmetrical jewellery but i was pretty happy with the final result!

now if someone i know could just hurry up and go get married ...

Photography by Michael

~ this post was sponsored by Pandora, however all opinions, styling and rambles belong to yours truly


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