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Wednesday, May 10
so, if you read my post chatting all things 'instagram algorithm' and the woes that come with it, you'll know exactly what i'm moaning about when it comes to the iphone vs digital camera; higher engagement vs refined content battle which has apparently frustrated me so much, i felt the need to compose an entire blog post about it (because, therapy) ...

is the battle still ongoing? absolutely. have i got any closer to figuring out what i'm gunna do about it? of course not, i'm indecisive af. does anyone actually care? i mean, i'd like to say no. i'd like to say that i, myself, am not an ounce phased by the complex strategy of this ~in the grand scheme of things~ expendable app. but i'd be lying. and judging by the response received to aforementioned, quandary-induced blog post, a lot of you would be lying too. let's blame millennial society, and its social constructs, and be done with it.

I am wearing

Blazer | Very
Trousers | H&M (similar here)
Bag | Givenchy
Shoes | Zaful
Sunglasses | Missguided

in light of this unearthing, alongside my new (actually old but slightly suppressed) found love for exploring visuals and the speed at which smartphones are rapidly overriding the world with their abilities, i've decided to start a new series; quite aptly named #iphoneonly (having faith here that the title pretty much speaks for itself). a place to archive those endless, iphone snaps which actually came out kinda cool but five, separate instagram uploads down the line, you feel you've probably given the poor souls, who follow you, enough.

i'm on a mission to save these shots from ending up in a desolate, digital graveyard. to share stuff which isn't always refined and glossy. because life isn't. 

and quite often, in my opinion, 'unrefined' can be the most engaging.

photography by 


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