My Feb Love // Valentine's Day Is What We Make Of It

Friday, February 10
If you're anything like me, I know what you're thinking. Somebody utters that dreaded 'V' word and those pesky, themed emails begin filling your mind with fear inbox with heart-themed, pink-and-red-coloured stress, and it's all over. 

Very cute and well-designed stress, may I add, which often pulls me in to a hole of 'HOW CUTE IS THIS, OMFG, LOOK AT THIS EMAIL', until the unwarranted panic and resentment finally creeps forward and I slowly close the mail app with an over-emphasised eye roll. *le sigh*

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See, I wouldn't like to call myself 'unromantic' because I'd be lying. There's nothing I love more than sobbing my heart out to a fictional relationship in 'The Vow' (one of my fave films ever, no shame); doing/receiving thoughtful gestures; buying sentimental gifts and watching that elderly, eternal love hold hands as they cross the street, whilst feeling the overwhelming urge to run up and hug them both. But when it comes to affection, there's always been a struggle.

For as long as I can remember and, as many have proclaimed, I've never been an 'affectionate' person. And to be quite honest, I'm not sure I ever will be. Sure, I'll hug and I'll hold hands but these little gestures are always, mainly to please other people. To make sure they know that I do care and that I'm not some cold-hearted, made-of-stone b*tch who struggles with emotion (though I do cry all the time, so there's that). Now, I could tie this down to some slightly traumatic issues from my teens/childhood but we're not here for a pity party. It's Valentine's - we're here to talk about love! Just not in the way you'd usually imagine it... 

Recently, the topic of self-love has been spoken about, openly, more than ever and if there was ever a time to encourage it further, why not surrounding a day that's dedicated to that four letter word? Us humans can get too wrapped up in commercialism and often forget the real meaning behind something. The most important focus. And whilst showing appreciation and care to those we love the most is of course, a wonderful thing, we can't forget to show the same appreciation and care to ourselves.

In my last post, I rambled on spoke about realising your purpose, which falls part and parcel under the same umbrella: accepting who you are as a person and learning to value it.

We shouldn't be ashamed to love ourselves. In fact, it's such a difficult thing to do, I admire those who can wholeheartedly appreciate everything that they are. Their looks, their traits, their achievements... their differences. Just say "fuck it" and continue on, feeling comfort in the fact that they are completely unique and these things can't really be changed. Those are the people we should be commending.

We were taught, growing up, that to 'love yourself' is a negative. That its over-confident, cocky and predominantly an ugly trait. But since when was it a bad thing to acknowledge our worth?

Remember that time you tried on an outfit, looked in the mirror and thought "yep, I'd date me"? That time you attempted to bake brownies for your sibling's birthday and yeah, they looked like shit but they tasted godly? Remember that sense of pride you felt when you actually took the time to appreciate yourself, in that moment... it might have been small but god damn, it was a great feeling.

Could you imagine if we aimed to experience that feeling at least once a day? A pledge to ourselves, if you will, to be kinder?

Of course, there are boundaries in every instance. There's self-appreciation and there's bragging. There's self-love and happiness, and there are times when we feel down and just need to mope about in sadness. But that's okay too. 
I often have my hibernation days. Days where I just want to be alone and can quite frankly, only liken myself to a Boohbah (Please Google and enjoy for those who have no idea what I'm talking about - childhood mems... )

Just don't forget to also think of the positives - the reasons why people love you. The reasons why you love yourself!

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be flooded with romance and relationships (unless you're into that, obv). February the 14th and #MyFebLove is simply a time to celebrate love, in all its forms and remind ourselves of what makes us happy...

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