Party Wear For The Off-Duty Dresser // Christmas in Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, December 13
At the slight mention of 'party wear', I can guarantee, the first thing that pops into our heads is far from minimal, casual or understated. You see it online and around the shops ~ these curated edits of sequins, glitter and bold colours. But you rarely ever see picks in those categories for the less audacious.

Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate an entirely embellished jacket as much as the next man girl and I'm partial to a studded boot or biker. I'm in awe of these girls, resembling goddesses, in glitzy dresses but that doesn't mean I'm all about it when it comes down to myself. It's just not 'me' and I've often struggled, when needing inspo, to find something that is. That's simple, subtle, yet still holds a little something special. A step up from the usual.

It is Christmas after all...
Miss Selfridge's Christmas Shopping Hub is all about variety and appreciating everyone's individuality; the ideal tool for identifying party pieces that ooze 'you'. I opted for 'off-duty babe' which perfectly encompasses my laid-back-but-still-made-an-effort (or so I like to think!) style. Of course, many of us are gunna cross into a few categories and on those (rare) morns I wake up feeling like Kim K, I am most certainly heading towards 'the glam girl' section and owning it. 

For now? I wanted to prove a point that party wear doesn't have to be flamboyant. I'll let you guys be the judge on how I'm doing...
To me, an off-shoulder style will forever sass up a simple outfit and, seeing as everybody says the clavicle oozes sex appeal, it was only right to give it some airtime in this ensemble. Who said shoulders were just for summer, eh??? The knitted number is actually a dress, making this the ultimate day-to-night outfit for every occasion (just envisioning waltzing into a room and whipping my skirt off now but it probably looks far cooler in my head than real life). Also, extra gold stars for that subtle, Christmas sparkle ~ see, I'm not entirely against glitter ;) Mum would be proud!
When planning for an occasion, always choose a focus piece. This'll become the base of your outfit, to build around with your favourite staples, making it all a tad less stressful during any pre-party panic (that was a whole load of 'P's and I'm so not done yet). Black, ankle boots need no explanation and these buckle-detailed babes take my running total up to six; the standard flats, simply being swapped for their taller sisters.

Back to my apparent love of 'P's in this blog post...

Three words: PINK. SATIN. PUFFER. Bet you can't guess exactly where this look began!

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

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