Being Yourself and Why Not To Worry If You Don't Have a Blog Schedule

Saturday, October 15
Want to know when this outfit was actually shot? I can tell you. 30th June 2016, to be precise. 

I know what you're thinking ...

"That's over three months ago and you're only now coming to post this on your blog, Liv? How will it still be relevant?"

Okay, so it may not be completely relevant to those in the height of winter, freezing their tits off, but these photos are of me, I'm posting them on my blog; featuring a look that epitomises my personal style; in a shoot location that was pre-considered to match the style of the outfit and imagery, and to be quite honest, I'm really happy with them (am I allowed to say that?). To me, this is relevant. And it always will be relevant, so long as it stays true to who I am.
The thing about fashion is that everything is down to the individual. Just like beauty. Yes, there will be people in conditions a lot cooler or warmer than mine and so my ensemble doesn't tend to make it to the top of their weather-appropriate lists, but isn't that what fashion and blogging is all about? Inspiration. Adaptation. Discovering something you love and asking yourself how you can make it yours. How you can use it, take from it what you need and then mould it into something which fits with you? 

It's my favourite thing about all of this. It's why trends exist (I hope). To inspire - not to promote imitation. 

There's a fine line between taking inspiration and outright copying, and this is a line which is often crossed in this crazy, digital world of ours. I've seen it and I've experienced it first hand and it detracts from everything this is about. Individuals coming forward to express their uniqueness. People baring their souls and being brave enough to project themselves onto something the whole world can see; sharing their personal anecdotes and little nuggets of info, picked up along the way.

Being unique is a gift and it's saddening to see people push this aside and not showcase themselves, as themselves, but instead model their entire existence on somebody else. Or lots of others, for that matter. 

This industry began on originality and while it's arguable that this no longer exists ('everything began from something or exists in some form', yada yada), there will forever be room to be ourselves. Because no one else ever will be. And that's pretty darn fab, if you think about it. Yes, there's bound to be crossovers. In fact, I shot an outfit a few weeks ago, which I am yet to upload (no schedule an' all that) and a day later, one of my fave fashion babes, who gives me endless inspo (Hannah Crosskey), posted an almost identical look on her blog the following day. It's bound to happen. But, at the same time, there are many things we wouldn't style the same. We have different styles of writing, different ways of presenting ourselves and we brand ourselves completely differently because we are not each other. And that is a wonderful thing!!!

Feeling some kinda Jessie J medley about being true to who you are, coming right about now ...
Back to my schedule (or lack thereof). I don't have a schedule simply because I don't always have the motivation or time! to post. And I don't need the unnecessary, added pressure telling me that it's time to force out content which I’m not completely comfortable with. This is just how I work and perhaps it's the perfectionist side of me peeping through, but I guess it’s also a way to relieve a little demand. Inspiration will never always hit and for me, it's about putting out honest content, which occurs naturally and has meaning. Not just putting out posts, simply, to put them out. Those who are full of inspo and motivation always, who manage to produce ALL these wonderful posts daily, I envy and I salute you. I do. But for this girl, it doesn't tend to work that way.

I started this blog as a hobby; a creative outlet for when I feel like being creative and whilst it has now grown into something a whole lot more than that, it's not worth forcing something so far, to the point where you fall out of love with it and see it as a chore.

Blogs are incredible, entertaining and often educational spaces and we can fill them with whatever the hell we want. Amazing, huh? We just need to remember why we started and hold on to the reasons why we love it.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is (and this is reminder to myself too, to be honest) just do you, boo and be proud about it. It'll make everything a whole lot more fulfilling.

Photography by Michael

I am wearing

c/o LaSula jacket
CDG x Play top
c/o Missy Empire shorts
H&M loafers
Mango bag


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