Transitioning The Tea Dress // A Little Life Update

Thursday, September 29
I haven't done much of a life update in a while and if there was ever a time to do one, it would have to be right about now. 

Things in my life, recently, have taken a sudden turn for ... I don't even know. Let's just say things have gotten pretty hectic and I've gone from struggling to find work and freelancing in a 'role' that I found extremely unfulfilling, with zero progression for months, to actually ending up with five opportunities for different legs of work within the space of a few weeks. Some within the space of a day. Isn't it crazy how life works?
Some of you may have seen my tweet about losing work one day and gaining it the next, so I thought I'd give you a little more background on that. I like my blog to be a certain way and I'm really specific about the imagery I post and the style of each article. I want there to be a sort of 'editorial' feel, so you may have noticed I've given up on product reviews in flatlays and my 'what I'm wishing on' wish list section. This doesn't mean I want to sacrifice the personal aspect of my content, however. And I really want to share with you more of my thoughts and daily occurrences. If not for you, then at least for myself and my own mental health levels. 

Mum always tells me I'm dreadful at sharing/talking about my feelings. 
So, back to the work aspect: I'd begun freelancing for a company, towards the end of last year, running social channels etc. and really making a visible difference. This initiated on a three month basis and things quickly began to get stale once communication suffered, due to me being remote, and perhaps even a misunderstanding over what was expected, after the initial contract expired. To put it bluntly - it was obvious our paths were rapidly growing apart. And I began to lack enthusiasm, alongside the feeling of appreciation for everything I'd put into the project. They decided it was time to cut ties, at short notice (on the day), which is unfortunately how life goes when you're self employed. Thankfully, I was only, really waiting to do the same, so it didn’t come as too much of a kick in the teeth.

The next day, I had an interview with a really wonderful company, for a position I'd unexpectedly stumbled across, in the midst of a crying-chocolate fest in my bedroom (standard) ... they offered me it a few hours later. The day after that? I was contacted by a different company who, similarly, really resonated with my values, understood the levels of respect and mutual contentment within the work place and offered me a position I'd only ever dreamt of. This was on the Friday. I started with them the following Monday.
Since then, everything has sort of turned into one giant snowball and I can't remember the last time I switched off. I've had opportunities left, right and centre, both within and outside of my blog, after experiencing radio silence and an intense feeling of worthlessness for the most part of a year. I don't tell you this to boast and believe me, if you know me personally, that is the last thing I'd ever do. But I hope, if anything, this proves how things can work out. How things do get better and you'll find hope at the times you least expect it. That's how the world is set up. 

Just up until a few weeks ago, I was toying dangerously close to the dark depths of my mind, and I opened up a little about that in my 'a post from the heart' entry. This is not to say I've 'seen the light', nor am I a healed woman because that would be lying. But it helps to realise you have a purpose, even though you've previously been yet to see it. 

I also just wanted to give an explanation, as to why I may be less present than usual, on here and on my social channels. I was never one to have a schedule for my blog because I want to keep things as natural as possible, but I am very aware there's at least six outfit shoots, sat un-posted and withering in a folder on my laptop. My 'days off' aren't actually days off and I'm still trying to work out a balance that means I can give my all to everything, because that's all I ever want to do. They will come to you! Just work with me a while longer.

I'm going nowhere and hopefully neither are you :)

Photography by Michael

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