Cruise OOTD Part Two: Venice, Italy

Sunday, June 26
Part two of our 'oh wait, you're not sixty', 'shouldn't you be in Ibiza?' cruise embarkation lands us in Venice. a.k.a The Floating City, a.k.a the best place for Lindt hot chocolate, a.k.a. don't-wear-a-jacket-that's-longer-than-your-shorts district.

All jokes aside, this was probably one of the most photogenic places I've ever had the pleasure to shoot in.

10/10 would see again.
If there was ever an award for 'blending in with your background', I think we can all safely assume here that I'd win first place. Totally unplanned. Totally in love with it.

I say totally unplanned - I had been saving this silky pyjama jacket goodness, all holiday, for the most appropriate, romance-filled city stop on our journey... just because. Little did I know, the beige walls and walkways would consume me into their colour scheme and raise me as one of their neutral-coloured own.

Funny BTS, blogger story - that first shot of me in front of the stairs was near-impossible to get, due to the sheer amount of other tourists who didn't quite get the neutral memo and sought to ruin my co-ordination with their bright turquoise and purple t-shirts. 

#alloftheouttakes #don'tyouknowI'mafashionblogger?!
If there's one thing I'd say about Venice, it would be to keep a vigilant eye on where you came from.

Don't get me wrong, getting lost and exploring new cities is my forte and favourite thing to do, when given the chance, but when you're working to a tight time schedule and a three-thousand-people-strong ship is relying on your attendance, in order for all passengers to return home, things can get a little stressful. Especially when EVERY STREET LOOKS THE SAME (almost!). 

Perfect for photo opps. Not so perfect for anxiety and panic levels.

Also gunna regress and say there's a second thing I'd say about The City of Bridges - order the bloody Lindt hot chocolate and tell me that ain't heaven.

*I'm aware this is obviously available in other places but I was a lindt hot choc virgin and tied in with the waterside, canal view sitting, this was quite the magical moment
I am wearing

Topshop pyjama jacket
H&M lace hem shorts (similar here and here)
Missguided sandals (sold out, white here)
Mango sunglasses (identical here)

Despite the unpredicted, 'is she, isn't she?' wearing shorts fiasco, I had a wonderful time. And although great for saving a pants-flash during windy weather and flowy dress season, this pyjama jacket and lace hem combo, most likely, won't happen again.

The visit to Venice, however?

Well, those picturesque canals and creamy gelatos aren't gunna photograph themselves!

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Outfit shots by Alix

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