Cruise OOTD Part One: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wednesday, June 8
Last month, my sister and I embarked on yet another, not-as-expected, sibling experience. Now, this one wasn't quite as harrowing as our last trip which you can read all about here (part one and part two) but I will say, we probably won't be repeating it for at least another forty years. In the midst of excitement about sailing the sea for a week, and stopping at all these breathtaking destinations within one holiday (that's like five-in-one, right? And we all love a deal), we'd been blinded by the glamour and forgotten the oh-so-accurate, stereotypical audience of your usual cruise. You all know what I'm talking about. Silver hair. And lots of it.
Instead of focusing on the negatives and chatting about the garish, seventies decor; comfort-ruining and boundary-lacking Italian men and distinct lack of on-ship entertainment for anyone under the age of sixty, OR boring you to tears with the shit-tonne of similar landscape pics I couldn't help but keep taking *just in case*, I'm going to bring you OUTFITS! (as that's essentially what most people come here for, aside from my outstanding wit ;)). Both were shot in two of the most special, and my absolute favourite, locations we docked in: Dubrovnik and Venice. So stay tuned for part two!
I am wearing

Mango sunglasses (identical here for £8!!)
Sister's shorts (similar here)
LOEIL shoes (similar here)
Bershka bag
Pull&Bear necklaces
c/o Mobs and Monsters anklet

Dubrovnik is like nowhere I've ever seen. We only had time to explore the old town and it even wasn't long enough to fully experience that. Around every corner were the most incredible views; cleanest, almost marble-esque cobblestone floors that could have easily been inside someone's house; narrow streets filled with character, each holding a different type of lantern or washing line and when you looked over the edge towards the sea, between the cliffs, it was something of a film set.

If there was ever a place to recommend to anyone who asked, from now on, this will be it. There are certain countries where you instantly feel home, when not at home. Barbados is one of mine, Croatia is the other. And although I wasn't even there for a day, I felt an attachment which made it extremely difficult to leave. That's when you know you just gotta go back.

One word: magical.

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Outfit shots by Alix

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