City Wedding Outfit Ideas with Wallis

Friday, April 22
It's that time of year again, dare I say it... WEDDING SEASON!! To some, this may be an occasion of excitement, euphoria and a damn good reason to throw on your glad rags, get drunker than expected and of course, eat all of the cake. To others...well, let's just call it a shiver-inducing thought which strikes chaos and panic, right from the first mention...

"What the hell am I going to wear?"

With the help of Wallis, I've put together two outfits, using the same accessories, which may just help you answer that question and restore a little tranquility into your aching minds (if not that, at least make you feel a tad better about the fact you're gunna have to remember to play sober when conversing with the bride's brand new in-laws... JK JK. Who cares when your outfit's on point anyway?).


Now, I know the standard procedure here would be to opt for a dress but for some, that's not always practical. Some people just aren't dress people, and as much as I buy into the occasional shirt dress or knitted midi, I'd probably admit that I'm not one either. The thought of exposing my questionable choice of underwear to an entire crowd, on a windy day, for some reason doesn't always appeal to me, so this time I'm sticking with my trusty friend trousers (or jumpsuit, for that matter) to get me through.

Nude - so as not to avoid any 'YOU'RE WEARING WHITE?!' arguments with the bride. Vertically striped - for a slimming effect. Three quarter length sleeves - SO many people hate their arms?! Culottes - extra fashion points and so flattering with a pair of heels.

If you ask me, this one really is the winning formula but just as I say I'm not a dress person, I'm aware a jumpsuit won't be for everyone and I guess they can occasionally get you into some toilet troubles too...


Yes, you can wear black to a wedding. Change it up with lighter fabrics and lighter colours, and pay attention to pieces which have added details like an exposed zip or side split. I love the movement in this top, which takes away from the harsh appearance black can sometimes project and also gives the gorgeous trousers a chance for some spotlight!
Photos: @luzynsky

I am wearing

(Everything c/o Wallis)
Outfit one
Outfit two

Not as tricky as you thought, eh? Time to sit back, relax and think of all that free food you're gunna get ;) (JK again...)

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