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Tuesday, May 3
With the warmer climates fast approaching (well, in the UK, one can only hope), it's time to start taking into consideration our everyday make up routines and discovering new ways to avoid that 'sweaty, shiny, cake-face' which the sun, so often, likes to provide. It's the season where make up is generally tossed aside, scorned or forgotten (I'm guilty) because, well, heat + heavy products? Nobody got time for that, seriously. Until now maybe...

Pixi are best known for their goddess-worthy skin care, helping women across the world to achieve that natural glow, but did they stop there? Of course they didn't. So, you've nailed your skin care routine, you're looking radiant as ever but sometimes, you're just missing that little extra umph or fancy adding a splash of colour. This is usually me, as my summer wardrobe tends to be lacking in the hue department, so I like to play around with lipsticks and eyeshadows to differentiate a tad between seasons and avoid that "is it still winter, Liv?", satirical wit that gets regularly thrown about. No, I'm pretty sure my make up is currently melting from my face, into a pool at your feet, so you and I both know it's not winter... **eye roll**

Thankfully, Pixi are saving us from any melted, puddle fiascos with lightweight, easy-application and most importantly, good-for-you products. Forget any last minute, BBQ invite stress - we're talking fuss-free fabulousness in mere moments. 0-100 real quick.

Stay tuned to find out your summer must-haves and how I wear them in an exclusive lil' video, just for you!


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Glowtion Day Dew, £24 (c/o) : Wear with or without make up, this one's a god send. With make up - a radiance-boosting primer, providing a gorgeous, dewy glow and smooth surface for any further product application. Without make up - a soothing moisturiser, to liven up a dull (or in my case, lack-of-sleep exhibiting) complexion and blur out imperfections. I often use this alone, when going to the gym, to avoid terrifying any fellow gym goers whilst also keeping my face free from ALL THE PORE CLOGGING that comes from mixing sweat and heavy make up.
Quick Fix Bronzer, £18 (c/o) : The most convenient, little, on-the-go tub that even has a mirror on its lid. Talk about multi-functional. At first, I thought this wasn't coming out but as soon as I changed angles, BOOM, a beautiful, golden glow as if kissed by instant sun. Also contains aloe vera, which in my eyes is a soothing, wonder product (as an accident-prone child in Ghana, this saved me from a whole loada scars..and tears) so top marks from me.
Mesmerising Mineral Palette in Copper Peach, £15 (c/o) : Probably the prettiest of all to look at and works out at £2.50 A SHADOW!! Me not being an eyeshadow profesh, I can often get intimated by palettes or throw myself in head first and end up looking like some kind of dodgy, multicoloured panda. I played it safe with this and kept to 3 colours - a copper base, dark brown for crease and the peachy gold for highlight. They complemented each other perfectly, whilst still appearing subtle and enhancing my can-be-dim, always-tired eyes!
Lengthy Fiber Mascara, £16 (c/o) : Always my favourite thing to apply, though I am partial to coating my freshly shadowed eyes with tiny, black brush strokes after finally perfecting that ombre and attempt at a cut crease. Long eyelash probs. I'm all about the definition, so would usually opt for a plastic brush but this ultra-defining formula definitely did not disappoint, and two coats provided that clump-free, natural finish which I love.
Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cobalt Blue, £12 (c/o) : Terrifying right? I opened the packet and thought so too but I'm always one to give things a chance and it is summer after all, so if not now then when? Surprisingly, I really liked the blue against my dark brown eye colour and wore it out that same night...IN PUBLIC. I KNOW. Without having to reapply, may I add, as the colour be poppin' alllll day. Its formula is said to be waterproof, super silky and hypoallergenic (if you're a sensitive eye-crier like me) and I can admittedly vouch for all except the former. Don't worry, because Livvie's going cruising and it will 100% be put to the test in the pool there. I AM SAIIIIIILING.
Mattelustre Lipstick in Peach Blossom, £14 (c/o) : Another favourite of mine in the beauty regime - LIPS! Again, I was quite skeptical of the bright colour, as I've tended to shy away from them since going blonde. I decided to apply this with a brush to achieve more of a 'stain' effect which I think is ideal for warmer months. It's so hydrating, I didn't even need a lip balm and anyone who knows me is aware I carry one in EVERY VESSEL to calm my chronic dry lips. It's easily buildable and you can just see the pigmentation from the small amount applied in the vid (came out far brighter than I was expecting, in just one coat!). The lipstick also has lip plumping capabilities which is a sure fire winner with most of us ladies nowadays. Kylie Jenner, who? Am I right? Hahahaha!

Now onto me making a fool outta myself and pulling some suspect poses, to try and be like the youtube beauty gurus who make it look effortless...

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