Rose Gold Details and Denim

Friday, October 2
For those of you who don't know me too well already, I have a little bit of an affiliation with rose gold. Be it jewellery, homeware, clothing or even technology (hello iPhone 6S, it won't be long until you're by my side) - you name it, I need it. In all of its forms. It's the clothing/accessory side of things with which I tend to struggle, especially when it comes to hardware. There's a fine line between the delicate, pink-toned gold of dreams and that tacky, almost bright-orange-coloured copper - a line that I, undoubtedly, do not want to cross!

I am wearing
c/o Adolescent clothing tee through etailPR // c/o CelebLook skirt // H&M coat // Topshop boots

Photography by Alix Blankson

I've spoken previously about how slogan tees are a necessary wardrobe staple for those 'cba' days and, to be quite honest, this was exactly that. If we move past the aforementioned 'baggy jeans and converse' association, a t-shirt doesn't have to always = dressing down. You could quite easily pair this with a tailored trouser and heel combo and you've got an instant, simple OOTN, a la Kendall Jenner. As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of versatility, which further explains my love for all things lacking colour. If it's comfortable and can be re-worn in multiple ways, chances are, I'm on it.

Admittedly, foiling wasn't something I'd considered when on the hunt for rose-gold-incorporating garments. I'm often one to shy away from any sort of shimmer, glitter, sequins and all that jazzy, holographic, too-cool-for-me stuff, but the rosy tones on this Adolescent clothing tee somehow caught me...and now I'm quite the convert (did I mention it was in the sale?!). The plus side of it is that accessories are no longer a necessity; the print does the talking, so you can keep things as simple as they come, making our outfit-composing lives even easier - just the way we like it. If you're still not sold on the shine, this more subtle option will do just as good a job (sans metallics!). I'm thinking an all-black ensemble with it there's a surprise!

Another new location for this post today - I'm kinda enjoying changing things up. I guess, schedule-wise, since I can no longer dedicate entire days to photographing outfits (nor find anyone who, rightly so, wants to spend hours staring at me through a lens), these have all been out and about 'on the spot' shoots. I prefer it, as you get to see more of what I put together day-to-day (as opposed to specifically styled looks for the blog) and I get less stressed and overwhelmed when greeted with ten thousand different, mostly ugly, photos of myself, wearing twenty different outfits. 

Nobody wants to see that many photos of themselves, trust me. 

As I said, I always want to convey the most genuine version of myself as possible. This can get a little tricky online, because who really wants to see pictures of me crying at McDonald's adverts (and practically any remotely sad thing that comes on TV), ranting about the fact that all restaurants don't stock BBQ sauce and reminiscing about the time that Ghanaian uber driver made me take a selfie on his phone to show to his wife? I mean, if you ever see me in person, you're welcome to ask. 

Right now I'll probably just stick to showing you what I wear on the reg...

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