All Black in Battersea

Wednesday, October 7
Well, almost all black. I couldn't leave out these mock croc beauties.

Ever had one of those days where you're out and about and are somewhat unsatisfied with the choices made in today's outfit? So you trawl the shops, hoping to find that one item that will make it complete with a swift change? This shirt was that for me. 

I am wearing
H&M shirt (in store, cream here), bra and bag // River Island boots (in store, black here) // Olivia Burton watch

Photos by @luzynsky

This isn't too much of a regular occurrence; more when I'm on a weekend away and have become a little, shall we say...unenthused with the teeny-tiny capsule wardrobe I've tried (and failed) to create myself. Or perhaps I'm in need of something more versatile, due to a last minute plan I was foolishly unprepared for. If there's one thing I've learned in fashion (and UK weather) it's that, in the words of Ellie Goulding, anything can happen. Though, this doesn't stop me from continuously making the same mistake. That or it's just an excuse to go shopping...I'm gunna say the latter.

I'd, more than once, come so close to purchasing the paler relative of this on the website, yet somehow managed to reluctantly talk myself out of being in possession of yet another light-coloured shirt. Good job to be honest as, though I call it cream now (because it is), during said purchase-process, I was caught up in the 'is it actually white, though?' predicament - due to H&M likening its actual hue to 'natural white'. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. Since when did we live in a world where there were different shades of white? Is this really necessary? Isn't white a shade in itself? Somebody please enlighten me. Rants and confusion aside, after viewing the shirt in store, I am now delighted to inform you all that 'natural white' is, in fact, cream. Though, in my opinion, white is white and that's where the line should be drawn.

Surprisingly, I didn't previously have a black shirt in my wardrobe, as they tend to be quite uncommon and the majority of those floating about just weren't fitting the bill. This is one of the easiest 'throw on and go' items I own and it took me right through from Oxford Street shopping, to Sunday evening strolls, and I could have even carried on for cocktails!

If you've seen these boots about and are still riding the contemplation wagon, go ahead and jump off it. If I, the girl who must've tested out almost every pair of painful shoes on the planet, can go a whole day in these babes without complaint, then we must be onto a winner. Comfort aside, the amount of complimentary looks they got when strolling the streets of London was enough reassurance in itself.

I'll admit, I've often been one to go along with the 'fashion is pain' mantra. Some things are just too beautiful to not show off. But if there's any chance to give my little tootsies a can rest assured that I'll take it!

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