Friday, September 11
I am wearing
Mango skirt (similar here and here) // H&M bag and blouse // ASOS sandals // Yes Style sunglasses

Photography by Alix Blankson

My gosh, it feels like it's been a while. I guess just short of a month does amount to quite a while to be honest and I can't even tell you where the time has gone. There I am, a month into the new job, posing in pretty, slogan t-shirts on my sofa and now we're here, an entire 28 days later, with not a lot to show for it (at least on Liv in Fashion anyway). I'd got myself into this positive mind set, with finally finding a job I enjoy; clearing out my cluttered head (and finding some sort of peace with myself); my sister returning from Aus and meeting some amazing, new people, that I was going to do all sorts of put more posts on the blog; explore more of my home town; make the effort to attend more social events; re-start up more lifestyle and beauty-oriented writing; continue my love for drawing and put aside some time to do it; begin doing yoga at home (as I can no longer make my daily exercise classes) etc. etc. But thinking back, I guess I was being a little too unrealistic with my goals, and the time set I was aiming to achieve them in. I guess I saw them as immediate changes and, because everything seemed to be going so well and on the up, I became a little greedy - thinking that I could throw more and more into the mix and life would be bliss. Turns out that's not really how it works.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still the happiest I've been in a long time and am looking forward to what's ahead but it all comes down to putting too much pressure on ourselves to strive for absolute happiness. I'd decided that, because things were getting better, I had to push myself even further, and maybe they'd improve again but in hindsight, it seemed to result in the opposite effect: me overwhelming myself and getting down because I didn't have the time to do everything I'd hoped for...and consequently, losing all motivation to do them in the first place. Vicious, vicious circle, I AM IN YOU!

This is really just a long way of saying hi, I hope you're all ok. I'm back, but I'm not going to stick to a strict schedule of having to post at a certain point because I feel like I have to, though things are going to change around here. You'll notice me starting to introduce more of my sketching - be it full pieces of art or just little scribbles on the corner of photos like I've done above. I miss drawing and it's always been a huge part of my life - I don't want to lose that just because we've moved into the digital age. Not many people know that I draw because I rarely share it, and if this is really going to be my online 'scrapbook', like intended, I want to have this as a part of it! After all, it has helped me through many shit storms and it's something I've always turned to when needing to relax. I'm also, as previously mentioned, aiming to branch out into more lifestyle and beauty posts - so I guess we can call this one the beginning. We can get extremely caught up in the fashion world and forget that we are just normal people outside of it. I do (usually) function as a normal person and have alternate thoughts, such as cake and puppies and "are there other forms of life out in the universe or are they already living amongst us?". Just your everyday stuff. Outfit posts will remain a constant, it's just the ramblings alongside them that may get a tad more...'rambly'.

My sister took these photos when we had a free afternoon a few weekends ago. We didn't have much of a plan, just wanted to get outside in the beautiful weather and take in our local surroundings. It didn't take long to stumble across this hidden mews in the centre of Brighton. Alix found a door that matched her dress and I found my dream, little house and the perfect, quaint backdrop for a blog post. Win. It's always the unplanned days which turn out to be my favourite.

If you take anything from this rant (?!)  (I hope it doesn't come across as a rant - just a girl with a lot of things on her mind, and a very public place to air them), let it be that it's okay to just live in and enjoy the moment. You don't always have to be looking for a better option if you're content with the way your life is at that point in time. Of course, it's important to have goals and I'm a firm believer in the fact that there's room for improvement in everything, but that doesn't mean you have to change things or achieve those goals instantly. Things take time. Life takes time. And it's a lot of hard work. So whilst we're at a point where we're enjoying it, we must remember to do just that - Enjoy it. 

And remember how far we've come.

See you soon

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