Doubled Up

Monday, February 23
I am wearing
c/o Woolovers cardigan // Charity shop coat (similar here) // H&M trainers // Zara bag (similar here) // c/o Hairtrade extensions
Photography by @soph_peach

It's been a good while since I last wore hair extensions and I won't lie, I almost forgot how sassy they make you feel. I could literally pop them in whilst wearing a vest and sweatpants and automatically feel 100 times more glamorous and put-together. I guess I'd almost come to accept the fact that I will never be able to grow princess hair (is it just me whose hair will only grow to a certain length and after that, just sort up?!) and with the whole 'short hair' trend that's been circulating as of late, I was feeling slightly less despondent about the situation. My hair is also ridiculously multi-tonal, thus I was convinced (and perhaps a little too lazy to persevere) that I'd never find any extensions to match. Cue the arrival of these beauties from Hairtrade, which managed to blend perfectly into this ombré/blonde/highlighted chaos I've got going on, and I was completely and pleasantly surprised. Check this insta snap for a pic of them in with my hair down. They have a colour match area on their site, which makes life a whole of a lot easier if you, too, are a difficult one like myself!

I did feel marginally 'Christina Aguilera, circa 2002' (reference here) when I first put these in straight, so a quick, few curls with the straighteners and we were away. I've curled these with both straighteners and curlers and they were actually able to hold the curls better than my own hair, whilst still staying ridiculously shiny. Gutted when your fake hair is better than your real hair...kudos to whoever it originally belonged to though! That sounds less appealing, doesn't it? I'll stop talking now...

I'm not usually one for cardigans and can often find them a little bit 'twee' but, following my recent obsession with Scandal and Olivia Pope (google it, watch it, love it), I formed a strong attraction towards this belted number. I love charcoal-coloured knitwear and, seeing as it's pretty lightweight, it'll make the perfect, transitional piece for Spring. I went for a size larger so it can be doubled up and worn as a dress because, let's be honest, who doesn't love multifunctional clothing?

See you all soon


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