Cream On Cream

Friday, March 27
I am wearing
Matalan jumper (similar here) // Matalan bag (in store - similar here) // Abbey Clancy for Matalan skirt (similar here) // Asos shoes (similar here) // Rayban clubmasters

Photos by @soph_peach

I'll begin this post by saying that I'm 100% not sponsored by Matalan, nor did I realise that my entire outfit practically consisted of it until I was actually looking back at the photos. Though, if you're reading this, I will just say hi Mat, I love you and thanks for sticking around and providing me with unexpected gems on the regular - keep doing what you're doing.

I acquired all these items quite a while ago and had yet to feature them in an outfit post, so apologies for being one of those annoying people who posts pictures of clothing which are no longer available. In my defence, I have been trying to cut down on purchases lately (you can imagine how that's working out) and I did spend a fair amount of time scouring the web to find the best substitutes I could, so I hope I can be of at least some help to you!

The whole 'tonal' outfit thing, composed of layering together the same or similar colours, I've found can turn even the simplest of outfits into well-thought-out, sophisticated (got-my-sh*t-together) looks. 

Something to bare in mind on those days when you really have to appear like you've made some sort of effort but can't, for the life of you be bothered to do so...

Tell me it isn't just me!


  1. I chose my clothes the same way as you do. And after selecting I realize most of my outfit is from so I tang them whenever I post my pictures. I have seen multiple times I wear their clothes often.

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