"Basketball Shorts"

Sunday, August 17

I am wearing

Bershka crop top
ASOS shorts
Topshop jacket (sold out. Nude HERE, similar HERE)
Zara sandals (sale)
Sister's belt (old)

So I'm following with another ensemble I sported during my time in LA. I say LA...I did also attempt to wear these shorts in Vegas, on the strip, one evening, to only be greeted by, "I like your basketball shorts". After that, they were quietly folded away until we reached Beverly Hills. Safe to say, Vegas didn't really understand fashion a whole lot, though it was very good at the whole 'wow factor' and entertainment aspect - you can't have it all! Despite this, I am still pretty much in love with these £12 bargain beauties and, basketball fan or not, they are the perfect, staple piece to have in your wardrobe.

Those of you who are super observant will have noticed the mirroring of the 'crossover' style in both the crop top and the shoes. Don't worry, I didn't at the time either. I'd love to say this was all pre-planned and 'thought out' but it was only on reflection that I spotted it! Happy little accident.
Pretty neat though, don'tcha think?

ps. points to you if you picked up on the unintentional 'sported' pun ;) xxx

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