Female Artists are F*cking Killing It // Top Ten Playlist to get you through May

Sunday, April 29
music is a huge part of my life. in fact, even more so now i haven't had a tv in any place i've lived for the best part of a year and a half. and do you know what? i don't miss it whatsoever. sure, i'm still a sucker for an episode of towie or mic. give me a david attenborough documentary any day. but in my own time. tv no longer dictates me. instead, i get to give my rapidly dwindling eyesight a rest and treat those ears to something other than the fatiguing sounds of a non-sleeping city. it's refreshing and peaceful. and if anything, only strengthens my appreciation of the skill it takes to songwrite, produce and compose. coming from an early-retired and ever-regretful pianist ...

what i'm wearing

(full whistles look c/o next label)

i love that it's a language we can all understand and a feeling with which we can all relate. when you find that piece of music which so perfectly and purely expresses your mood better than you ever could. tell me honestly, have you ever met a single soul who says they don't like music? and seriously, how can anybody not like something so vast? so inclusive of every experience, emotion, expression.

if someone were to ask 'what sort of music do you like?' it's never really a question i can answer. give me anything from drake to einaudi. bryson tiller to the xx ~ it either comes in phases or all at once. i've always struggled to find satisfaction in one thing. i crave variety and avoid routine. music being no exception.

recently, people have started asking about songs playing in the background of my stories. and since it's not a standard topic for liv in fashion, it prompted me to share some of my current favourites over here. show a different side to this space and pass on some music which is currently manifesting itself in my memories.

in the ever-important age of female empowerment, it just so happens that the majority of my latest playlist is flooded with up and coming female artists, and even more so when whittled down into a top ten. though not a conscious curation, if anything were to demonstrate the growing presence, importance and influence of women within a male-dominated industry (/world), i don't think this would be the worst place to start.

with that being said, here are my top ten tunes for the april/may transition ~ the steady lead up into lighter fabrics, kinder climates and hopefully, a little more self love ...

one ~ body, sinead harnett

two ~ cigarette, raye ft. mabel & stefflon don

three ~ aqua blue honda, tylerxcordy

four ~ know myself, justine skye

five ~ check, kojo funds ft. raye

six ~ all in, jay prince

seven ~ come over, mabel

eight ~ fine lines, jorja smith

nine ~ the weekend (funk wav remix), sza

ten ~ grey luh, berhana

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