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Wednesday, October 21
T-shirt, jeans, over the knee boots...check! It doesn't really get much simpler than this. I mean, I can't say I'm one to dress 'non-simply' on the regular but for me, this really was stripping it back to basics and making use of those oh-so-reliable wardrobe staples. If you're going to go simple, the key is in the details, and choosing the appropriate, accompanying accessories.
I am wearing
ASOS boots and sunglasses // H&M bag, coat and jeans // Pretty Little Thing oversized tee

Photos by @luzynsky

Now, these boots weren't half a hassle to get hold of. Modelled (evidently) on the illustrious Stuart Weitzmans but with a distinguishable difference in the detailing (can you tell I love my alliteration?), I knew I needed to make them mine. And, considering the Highlands are a far cry out of my price range and my unfaltering opinion on designer dupes seems, still, very much apparent, I made it my task for 2 weeks to stare intently at the ASOS site, monitoring these boots for my size. Remember what your grandpa taught you about persistence? It really is applicable in most aspects of life and your determination will pay off, no matter how close you are to giving up. Yep, I'm aware it sounds like I'm turning all philosophical on you in this post but here, I'm really just referring to online shopping...of course, if you want to take it in the profound manner in which it could be interpreted, by all means do, but I was planning on saving those thoughts for a later date...

Good news (for you - not for me who dedicated an entire chunk of her life to finding them) is that they're back in stock in ALL sizes. Go go GO! I can assure you they won't stick around for long. And I can assure you further you will not want to end up like me...that's when the realisation hits that you need to improve your social life :) :). They are the closest, high street equivalents I've found which don't fall down into a complete mess around my skinny calves, so for £60, I couldn't be happier.

I don't need a lot of words to describe the bag other than these: Real suede. Under £30. Chloe Faye (without being a wannabe). Oh, and it's like a tardis. Seriously, you know those bags which look unashamedly tiny but can fit half of your life + your dog + boyfriend in? Say no more!

Now if only I could get my hands on one in black...H&M...if you're reading...

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