Ocean Safari

Wednesday, May 20
I am wearing
Thrift shop jumpsuit (belonging to my sis!) // Zara sandals (similar here) // Asos sunglasses

Photography by @a_blanx of The Consumer Creative

Well, I'm officially back from my 2 and a half weeks of paradise in Barbados, bringing with me a tan, which puts me a few shades darker on the emoji scale; a far deeper sense of clarity; and a big, old bunch of mosquito bites, just as a small 'farewell' gesture. In all seriousness though, I've never felt more grateful for what I have and more appreciative of those close to me, and I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family. It became a (much needed) escape from the all-consuming thoughts overcrowding my mind, which were becoming a little too overbearing, too often.

The holiday was only made more special by the surprise arrival of my sister (a.k.a. probably my most favourite person in the world), after 8 months without her, who had travelled on 3 flights, for 42 hours, from Aus to join us and they'd all managed to keep me none the wiser for a good 10 weeks - how bloomin' awesome are they?!! I could pretty easily go on and praise them all day if I'm honest, as I'm currently just bursting with love, but I will save that cheesiness for a later date! Spend as much time with your families as you can, folks and speak honestly, and laugh plentifully - there is seriously no better feeling in the world :)

It would appear this holiday marked the beginning of a marginally more 'adventurous' me. I half-conquered my fear of the ocean and went snorkelling (still terrified of sea creatures...unless they're urchins), I crossed my barrier of not eating fish (though the fish I ate did just taste like chicken) and you're even seeing me venture into the world of print and colour. I say that lightly, as this was the one, lone outfit amongst a sea of neutrals and black, but if you're gunna do it, you may as well go all out and wear the craziest combination you can find, right? I'm reluctant to admit that I slightly enjoyed it.

I hope you're all good and happy, and that the world is treating you well.

See you all soon for another, sunny post!

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